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recallchek We check to make sure all of the appliances in the home are free of manufacturer safety recalls. Your peace of mind is worth a RecallChek!

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“Hi Joseph, Thanks so much for taking the time to explain and answer all of my questions! We appreciate you!! Thanks so much,”

-Michelle L, Louisville, KY

“You are very informative and polite. I like doing business with you. Thanks.”

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The Mesothelioma Center offers free resources to mesothelioma victims and their families. Our website includes information on the importance of home inspections, expectancy of life for mesothelioma patients, the latest treatments, and top doctors.

To listen to this new resource, just go to www.certi.us — within the Radon Training and Resource Center – you will see the link to the Radio Theater.

Below are some links that can take you to more information about elements that are sometimes found in homes. Your home inspection may or may not include these inspections or testing. It is recommended that you review your contract with our company to determine what additional services (if any) were performed.

EPA: -www.epa.gov which includes information on asbestos, clean-up, Lead, Mold, etc.

Asbestos: mesotheliomahelp.org/asbestos/in-homes

Consumer Safety & Recalls: from swimming pools to items in the home

Polybutylene plumbing in homes: Click here

Federal Pacific Panels: Fires waiting to happen, debate waiting to be ended


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Crawlspace Info


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“Client’s Say:”

“Joseph was very easy to talk to and explained everything as he went along. If there was a question about anything he answered it to the best of his ability. I highly recommend him.”

-Mathew H, Louisville, KY

“Joseph was extremely helpful, I would absolutely recommend him. He did an excellent job explaining information to me so that I could better understand the house I’m purchasing. He was very friendly and patient with all of my questions.”

-Erin E, New Albany