Wrubel Home Inspections | New Construction Inspections
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New Construction Inspections

We will perform a visual inspection of the construction and residence in four phases. A written report will be provided after each inspection.


includes property line encroachment, building layout, check steel content and depth of footings, post tension cables, plumbing and electrical stub out locations, visible water and sewer lines.


phase window and door placement, window and door flashings, window and door squareness of openings, functionality of windows, stud and other timber bowing or twisting.


rough plumbing and electrical, broken plumbing lines, nicked wiring, inadequate bracing, beams that over span their strength, HVAC ducting, bowed or cut studs, improper flashing, fire blocking, fixture backing

Final inspection takes place when construction is complete. We will provide you with a final written report identifying the defects that we (1) observed and (2) deemed material.