Wrubel Home Inspections | Meth Testing
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Meth Testing

Are you buying a new home?  Maybe you are just renting a property, either a home or office.  Then you need to be aware of one of the most dangerous conditions that can exist in your new home, Meth Amphetamine contamination.  The common misconception is that Meth contaminated properties are in the run down parts of town or the Lower income areas.  Unfortunately, that is a falsehood.


With the rampant and pervasive use of this harmful drug ever increasing, its effects are permeating every social and economic strata of our nation.  With the advent of cheaper methods of production and wide spread experimentation on the part of our teen agers, Meth Contamination can occur in even the most elite and affluent neighborhoods.  It only takes a few hours to have your home or property tested and is very affordable as well.  Our Meth Testing process is effective and non invasive.  Here is how the process takes place.


The Process


First, a single area is tested, generally inside the return air cavity of the furnace. We collect a small sample, which is then taken to the lab to determine if Methamphetamine substances have been used or made in the property.  If contamination exists, there are specific steps you must take to remediate the problem.  We can explain this process to you.  After the initial sample is submitted, you can expect the results in about 5 business days.