Wrubel Home Inspections | Mold Sampling
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Mold Sampling

Let Wrubel Home Inspections provide you with an independent third-party evaluation. If you are worried about the possibility of mold contamination, we have a team of certified mold sampling technicians to help identify any potential dangers on your property. Contact us today at 502-643-8497 or 812-945-7478 to schedule a mold inspection to ensure your property and health aren’t at risk with our mold testing services.

The Benefits of Mold Inspection Services


Mold testing can be destructive to both your home and health. It can also be hard to detect, especially if it’s hiding in your home. Don’t let hidden problems get the best of you when negotiating a price. Our technicians know what to look for when screening for mold and only recommend mold sampling services when they are needed. We have the technology to take air samples on the spot and work with local laboratories to get quick mold testing results. Our rapid turnaround can help avoid delaying your contract negotiations or closing date and get the issue resolved quicker.

In addition to hiring a certified professional for mold inspection, it is equally as important to ensure the technician has the expertise to determine where the microbial growth may be originating from. Unlike most inspection companies, All Points will interpret the mold testing lab results for you and assist in making an informed decision on how to proceed with any remediation.