Radon is an invisible and odorless radioactive, cancer-causing gas that occurs naturally from decaying uranium underneath the earth’s surface. Though you cannot see, smell, or taste it, the gas rises through the soil and seeps through cracks, holes, and drain pipes in the foundation or basements of buildings. Radon gas can be found all over the United States.



High levels of radon can be remedied though a radon mitigation company so if your home does measure for high levels, not all is lost. The most important concern is your health, should the radon be high, you could save anywhere from $850 to several thousands of dollars on the mitigation system.  At Wrubel Home Inspections, we use state-of-the-art electronic continuous monitors. These monitors take readings of the radon levels in the home every hour throughout the 48 hour test. Your results are IMMEDIATELY available at the conclusion of the test allowing you to make decisions if radon remediation is necessary.



Wrubel Home Inspections is certified by the National Radon Proficiency Program (NRPP) to provide accurate radon measurements.


Termites and other insects such as carpenter ants and carpenter bees, can cause major damage to a home. Termites tend to swarm in the late spring through the fall will find any tiny opening in the home to enter and start building their colony. They only need a space 1/32 inches wide to enter, so even the smallest crack can be an issue.




  • Inside the holes of hollow block walls
  • Crawl up the side of foundations walls and supports
  • Through openings in expansion joints
  • Through cracks in the foundation around plumbing

By identifying the weakness and vulnerable areas of your home, you might be able to make repairs, fill holes and prevent termites from entering your home in the first place.



  • DROPPINGS - May resemble sawdust or coffee grounds and can be found in mounds or trails.
  • SWARMS - Swarms of termites or carpenter bees can be found near windows, doors, piles of wood and mulch and tree stumps. After a swarm, you may see discarded wings.
  • DAMAGED WOOD - Wood damaged by termites will often have a hollow sound and a honeycomb look to it inside. The material will probably crumble when you bump it or put pressure on it.
  • EARTH TUBES - Worker termites create dirt-crusted tubes on walls, foundations, floors and support joists. They use these tubes to travel about and often give a wall a rippled appearance.
  • LIVE TERMITES - Termites are not easily spotted when they are not swarming as they tend to stay inside their colonies and tunnels but by looking around walls and under materials we can find these wood destroying insects. Reproductive kings and queens have wings and are black or brown while worker termites are white.

If you suspect your home has a potential termite problem, or you just want to insure that a new purchase is termite-free, Wrubel Home Inspections will conduct a thorough termite inspection, checking for potential infestations, damage and the areas of the home that need maintenance to prevent a future problem. You can save thousands of dollars in potential future remediation and repairs by having a termite inspection conducted today.


A swimming pool can be one of the largest investments you make as a homeowner. Purchasing a home with a swimming pool or spa sounds exciting, but unknown problems could end up costing you thousands of dollars in repairs down the road.  Before you purchase a home with a pool or spa, make sure you get a pool inspection to insure that you and your investment are protected.


  • Visible Plumbing
  • Electrical Equipment
  • Decking Surfaces
  • Safety Covers
  • Main Drain
  • Surrounding Fencing and Gates


A septic system receives, treats and disposes of unwanted wastewater and solids from a building’s plumbing system. Solids are partially broken down into sludge within a septic tank and are separated from effluent (water) and scum (fat, oil and grease). Effluent regularly exits the tank into a drain field where it is naturally filtered by bacteria and reentered into the groundwater. Scum and sludge must be pumped periodically and should never enter the drain field. The Septic tank should be pumped every 4-5 years.



  • Find the date that the tank was last pumped. Ultimately, sludge level should determine whether a tank should be pumped, but knowledge of previous pumping dates can be a helpful reference.
  • Check for liquid waste that has made its way to the ground surface. This condition is unsanitary and indicates that the system is overloaded. Make sure that the tank is watertight so that wastewater does not contaminate groundwater, and groundwater does not flow into the tank and cause it to overfill.
  • If riser lids are present, they should be inspected for cracks and made sure they are secure.
  • We request septic layout diagram from county health department to determine where the lateral lines are.

 Septic system inspections should be performed on an annual basis to ensure proper function. The septic tank is the most expensive household fixture and its lifespan will be shortened significantly if it is not maintained.


Infrared scans offer a way to visualize things that would otherwise go unseen. Our infrared cameras assist in detecting temperature variations to uncover potential problems such as wet areas, missing insulation, air leaks, and overheating electrical components. A scan is also a great launching point to discover ways to increase efficiency in your home.


  • Checking below kitchens and bathrooms for leaks after testing fixtures and appliance
  • Scanning the main electric panel for overheating breakers or wires
  • Looking at the upper level ceilings for roof leakage
  • Checking the basement for water leakage
  • Evaluating the unknown source of leaks from walls or plumbing


  • Water leak detection throughout a building
  • Overheating electrical components and motors
  • Missing insulation
  • Air leak detection (typically part of an energy audit)
  • EIFS inspections
  • Flat roof scan (must be done at night)


Let us provide you with an independent third-party evaluation. If you are worried about the possibility of mold contamination, a certified mold sampling technicians to help identify any potential dangers on your property. Contact us today to schedule a mold inspection to ensure your property and health aren’t at risk with our mold testing services.



Mold testing can be destructive to both your home and health. It can also be hard to detect, especially if it’s hiding in your home. Don’t let hidden problems get the best of you when negotiating a price. Our technicians know what to look for when screening for mold and only recommend mold sampling services when they are needed. We have the technology to take air samples on the spot and work with licensed laboratories to get quick mold testing results. Our rapid turn around can help avoid delaying your contract negotiations or closing date and get the issue resolved quicker.


In addition to hiring a certified professional for mold inspection, it is equally as important to ensure the technician has the expertise to determine where the microbial growth may be originating from. Unlike most inspection companies, WHI will interpret the mold testing lab results for you and assist in making an informed decision on how to proceed with any remediation.


We assess the functionality of your landscape irrigation system and report on the systems condition.


Are you buying a new home? Maybe you are just renting a property, either a home or office. Then you need to be aware of one of the most dangerous conditions that can exist in your new home, Meth Amphetamine contamination. The common misconception is that Meth contaminated properties are in the run down parts of town or the lower income areas. Unfortunately, that is a falsehood.


With the rampant and pervasive use of this harmful drug ever increasing, its effects are permeating every social and economic strata of our nation. With the advent of cheaper methods of production and wide spread experimentation on the part of today’s younger generation, Meth Contamination can occur in even the most elite and affluent neighborhoods. It only takes a few hours to have your home or property tested and is very affordable as well. Our Meth Testing process is effective and non invasive. Here is how the process takes place.




First, a single area is tested, generally inside the return air cavity of the furnace. We collect a small sample, which is then taken to the lab to determine if Methamphetamine substances have been used or made in the property. If contamination exists, there are specific steps you must take to remediate the problem. We can explain this process to you. After the initial sample is submitted, you can expect the results in approximately 5 business days.